Our Story

"Baan Chaopraya, affectionally known as “Ban Chao” by its residents and staff, was completed in 1994. It’s riverside location is alongside several of Bangkok’s finest 5- star hotels. At the beginning, its location on the Thonburi side of the river was regarded by many as “ban nog,” a condescending Thai term for countryside. Since then Bangkok has expanded, and our neighborhood is the fastest growing area of metropolitan Bangkok, with a large modern mall, restaurants, and good supermarkets very nearby.

The 31-story building was developed by Somprasong Corporation and constructed by a top Australian firm. It’s fair to say that older buildings were in many ways better built than the condominiums popping up these days.Ceilings were higher, fittings were top class,and lobbies and common areas generous and elegant.

Today, owners are about 2/3 Thai and 1/3 foreign and many have lived here for many years,leading to long-term friendships and a warm sense of community. The extraordinary variety of athletic facilities make it a great place to raise a family. The condominium began with a total of 370 residential apartments, but many adjacent one-bedroom units have been joined to create larger apartments.